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I dont fuckin care what the rules say Before the sun comes up the day hasnt changed… 5AM on a wednesday morning is still Tuesday night

Official Iphone Wallpaper

Hosoya Yoshimasa + Sports Animes
“When I entered training school, there was a manager who always looked after me. Before that person quit the place, the last thing that person brought to me was an audition for TeniPuri. I heard the results on a public phone outside of work. When I heard that I passed, I shouted in the lobby, “I really passed the auditions!” because I was super happy… I feel like I was able to return the favor a bit.”Hosoyan on how he started as a seiyuu (PairPuri Vol. 2)


big hero type goes to save the world from an ancient evil unsealed after a bajillion years except they end up dating the ancient evil instead


I love concept designs and I love kaeilash knb sticker designs~

Of course I zero in on Aokaga first BUT AHH… I love Kagami’s design the best, look at the cute eyeliner and his clothes T///T